Truckers, we keep you loaded.
No dead miles!

Freight Brokerage Solutions

  • Flatbed Loads

  • Reefer Loads

  • Van Loads


Career Opportunities

Tomlin Trucking and Brokerage, Inc. has occasional job openings for dependable and experienced drivers. We are interested in adding agents nationwide. If you are interested in working for a professional and growing trucking firm, we invite you to consider Tomlin Trucking and Brokerage, Inc.

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Tomlin Trucking & Brokerage, Inc

Freight Brokerage

Tomlin Trucking and Brokerage offers experienced and competitive freight broker services and distribution solutions to industries and businesses. Truckers, we can also keep your truck loaded so you don't face any deadhead miles! We have van loads, reefer loads and flatbed loads to keep you rolling!

As a freight broker, Tomlin Trucking can arrange the transportation of your merchandise, not only with our own fleet of trucks, but through the services of over 3,000 other trucking companies nationwide. We know the fast paced world of transportation and how essential it is to meet budgets and delivery schedules.

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